Thursday, July 3, 2014

Counter Strike 1.6 On HVGA(320x480) and QVGA (240x320) All Android phones

The massively popular first-person shooter game Counter Strike has finally made its way to the Android platform - thanks to a bunch of geniuses from the Android developers community.this game is for multiplayer mod only,there is no single player mod,u can play multiplayer with lots of online player via wifi/3G/4G/Edge
Game is still in beta dev so there will be newer versions will be coming soon with new weapons and maps,it a project from unity and its an open source game,if u know how to create a game then you can also join dev team to edit this game and create your own map,anyways this game is optimized for armv6 and working well except some glitches ,but overall game is awesome and so much fun
As soon as i will get updates of this game i will keep updating it.
it may work on some devices and may not due to beta game ver,so just ignore if not work on your device

Download Link:
CS hvga,qvga,wvga apk
if this apk dosnt work then try this lite cs apk
Counter strike lite apk

Install apk and enjoy

If You want to play this android game on pc then you can play from here
CS Online Pc

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