Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fight Game: Heroes HD on HVGA(320x480) and QVGA (240x320) All Android phones

KeyMapping , Gamekeyboard Settings

Very nice HD fighting game Fight Game Heroes,this game is optimized for xperia play only but you can also play this game with virtual gamepad,

Compete in unique environments, consisting of back alleys, grimy bars and other areas where the laws of the fight clubs reign supreme.

Fight your way to glory by defeating the Combat Sport Champions of past and present in the career-mode or try to beat your friends and foes in competitive game-modes!
Android Requirements: 2.3
Download Link:
Fight Game Heroes

Download Gamekeyboard:
GamePAD Apk

Install Apk and enjoy

Instructions for Gamepad:
1)install Gamekeyboard apk
2)open it and select gamekeyboard
3)follow all the steps ,do not worry this app will guide you,
4)Now Go to Gamekeyboard settings and select button mappings
5)D-Pad settings will be default,do not edit them
6)now setting your gamekeyboard like i did,select button and D-Pad Center will be X button
7)like wise more buttons will be in line GamePadA to GamePadZ ,configure it yourself,it is easy
8)now open the game,hold down home buttons and from recent apps select Gamekeyboard,then select 5th option [Tap here to call out keyboard after exit]
9)now gameleybord will appear on your game and you could play the game now
10)Enjoy The Game

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